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YouTube – Googlebeat’s Channel – Google produced magazine show based on what’s trending in search that week

The Look Ahead: Google Narrows Its Acquisition Focus | paidContent – 2 billion USD per quarter.

Slashdot Linux Story | Native ZFS Is Coming To Linux Next Month – this is an interesting move, hopefully ZFS will go mainstream. ZFS allows efficient usage of storage since existing file systerms were designed for disk sizes orders of magnitude smaller than present sizes. The cloud needs this because at some point the data needs to be addressed at disk-level.

Microsoft Co-Founder Sues Google, AOL, eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Yahoo, Apple, Etc. | WebProNews – Paul Allen patent troll. A bit disappointing

Older Adults Embracing Twitter And Social Media | WebProNews

China’s Godson vector, 28nm – wicked smart Chinese silicon design work

Web users in the United Arab Emirates have more to worry about than having just their BlackBerries cracked. – By Danny O’Brien – Slate Magazine – man-in-the-middle attacks easy due to proliferation of certificate authorities

Graphene fabrication gets a boost – post silicon semiconductor tech

China bar Cisco, Motorola and HP – comparison of Hauwei and US firms given the recent US senators concerns over Hauwei

Microsoft To Spend Oodles On Holiday Push For Win Phone 7 – – 500 million USD. You can’t fool the people however

Character Amnesia: Forgetting Culture In China And Japan – PSFK

Why LG Will Continue to Invest in the E-paper Front | Fast Company

Weakening economy catches up with Intel | VentureBeat – are iPad | iPhones substitute purchases for PCs and what does this mean for Windows 7 sales moving forwards?

Tao Heung serves moon cakes online | – online store helps sales for mid-Autumn festival

MediaPost Publications Chartreuse Is The Real Green For Gen Y 08/27/2010 – sentiment often doesn’t turn into action

Hey Facebook, Here Are Some Other Companies You Can Bully Or Sue – yet more proof that Facebook is a corporate sociopath

ReputationOnline » Kaspersky Lab and ‘branded journalism’ – interesting article by Vikki, although it misses out a secondary reason that many of the savvy tech publications may not survive (the sector is already much poorer with the loss of publications like Byte)

WordPress By The Numbers

danah boyd | apophenia » Regulating the Use of Social Media Data – danah boyd adds her tuppence on online privacy

Analyst: Samsung on track to pass Intel as No. 1 IC vendor – kick in the teeth for US knowhow and innovation

What would your persona do? – Blast Radius – development of, and working with personas to improve online marketing