Links of the day

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No Surprise Here: Millenials Cherish Mobile Devices – media companies should be a bit worried through as content consumption is harder over a mobile device

Work Smart 2: How to Take Smart Meeting Notes | Fast Company – good stuff here

Motorola Out-Apps Apple in China – China Real Time Report – WSJ – but where’s the profit?

HSBC Bank International Expat Economics Report 2010 – great bit of research by HSBC

Michael Geist – EU-Backed Study Finds Counterfeits Pro-Consumer, Rejects Company Complaints – interesting report on intellectual property and effect on consumers, flies in the face of government actions in this area

The Vinyl Exchange at The Silver Bullet « Format Magazine Urban Art Fashion – get along to this

Digital Pharma: Augmented reality gateway for Bayer haemophilia site | InPharm – really nicely done site

IAB guidance on ASA extension into social media

CAP – New UK Advertising Codes – ASA codes embracing social media

SMCKL #8 Video | Social Media Club Kuala Lumpur – interesting debate moderated by Rachel Lee

3 methods of fighting churn among US operators.Find out which one is the most effective. – Josh Dhaliwal – customer service is key, interesting point about churn being a social phenomena

BackType – similar to backtweet but has a nice graphing function

Obama’s frustrating, unfocused speech on Iraq – Slate Magazine – it is just me or is the Obama administration’s ability to communicate looking less like JFK’s Camelot and more like the Gordon Brown government in the UK?

Microsoft claims that google’s android is not free – The Inquirer – reminds me of the old Microsoft competitive displacement campaigns on LAMP and the Mac platform to try and spread disinformation

Microsoft co-founder sues tech giants for patent infringement | Pinsent Masons LLP – some interesting comments on the forthcoming Paul Allen case / Telecoms – Eircom in talks to restructure its debt – basically Eircom has been LBO’ed into financial ruin by a number of investors since privatisation. I wonder what this says about the EU telecoms deregulation push. Expect a breach of bank covenants in the medium term and a lack of investment in the network for the foreseeable future

Facebook Creates Universities Page, Showcasing Deals and Tips for Students – this reminds me of the kind of content that portals like Aol and Yahoo! have done for a number of years

Army Revises Training to Deal With Unfit Recruits – – real impact of sedentary lifestyles

Computer Chips Seem Poised to Shrink Again –

The prescient cultural criticism of Max Headroom. – Slate Magazine – I love Max Headroom, though when watching it, I find its funny how dated it feels; particularly the portrayal of TV as a dominant figure in society

Blogger Outreach: Katherine Hannaford | Grapevine Consulting – nothing groundbreaking in here, though the perceptions around blogger relations specialists was interesting

Five things to consider before starting an SEO campaign | Econsultancy

Lanyrd | the social conference directory – the new Upcoming

Autodesk returns to the Mac with native version of AutoCAD, iOS devices | VentureBeat – makes sense given that a number of people present off an iPad

TV’s New Rule: Celebrities Only Use iPhones (and iPads) | Mobile Industry Review – looks like the iteration of Apple for the good guys, Dell for the villains that used to feature in 24

Michael Jackson Is Nokia’s Most-Downloaded Musician – is this due to Nokia’s developing world customer base?

Beijing to give state-run unions more power over pay | – smart move, will allow for regional and sector differences

Chrome Experiments – Arcade Fire – the how it was done

Official Google Reader Blog: Fullscreen and more! – incremental productivity improvement