Links of the day

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The Associated Press: South Korean company dumping Yahoo’s search ads – would rather develop its own tech than work with Microsoft

Epeus’ epigone: Welcome Apple, seriously – access is all about OAuth and OpenID rather than Facebook’s protective Connect; reminds me of federated IDs championed by Sun and the rest of the technology sector versus Passport by Microsoft

Aquino accepts blame for hostage operation | – this was needed because the worsening reputation of the country’s brand across Asia (registration required)

Gallery: From dawn to dusk in Hong Kong’s Tai Hang neighborhood | – I hope they can keep the leery beery element out though

Kingston refutes claims that SSD market is suffering | TechEye – yeah right

A New Digital Battlefield – – its like video rental vs. TV channels all over again

Card reader CardMunch automates those pesky follow-up emails | VentureBeat – a couple of handy services in this

National Lottery grows online users faster than Facebook – Marketing magazine – but Facebook has 25.1M users

Internet Retailers Publish Honesty Declaration In China – – interesting move, brands on their own aren’t enough to assure consumers

Barcode Infiltrator – Hack a Day – sounds like something out of a Tom Clancy thriller, but despite that its still awesome

The Weekly Buzz: Netizens Buzz about Philippines Hostage Incident | China IWOM Blog – interesting case study of what happened online in China

Apple TV revamp underwhelms Forrester analyst | VentureBeat

A shift in strategy needed to revive Japanese industry | The Japan Times Online – interesting read / Technology – Baidu aims to corral apps users – interesting move by Baidu is this done with pop-up windows though? Do Chinese net users use pop-up blockers like in the west?

The House that Ralph Built | Robb Report – reading this it struck me that Ralph Lauren doesn’t sell clothing and accessories or fashion, but reassurance to its customers

Nokia closing Ovi Files service on October 1st 2010 – Nokia has already got Yahoo! handling their mail, so I guess they are focusing on the web services like mapping that they can do best. Is Ovi the central plank of their strategy any more?

If London Bloggers were Beans… | – apparently I am a ‘Hoxton peanut’, find out why over at Rax’ blog

New Apple TV could become a “big reset” – Warc – a bit too much hype

Cultural squeeze The pro-Cantonese movement is a call for diversity in a society that prizes national unity | – challenge that China faces in uniting the country whilst respecting regional diversity

CorpComms – News – Social Media Stand Off – CIPR and ASA

Why Shiseido Beats Western Beauty Marketers in China – AdAgeChina – thinking more local for cosmetics | wellness

Social sharing architecture on Ping, Apple’s music social network – interesting take on it, but I won’t be switching off any time soon

Advertising rules extend to website content from March 2011 | Pinsent Masons LLP – Pinsent Mason on the new ASA regulations

SSRN-Convexity, Robustness, and Model Error by Nassim Taleb – interesting whitepaper about economic | financial risk from the guy who wrote that Black Swan book