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Neal Stephenson Launches Serialized Digi-Novel, ‘The Mongoliad’ – if this doesn’t work for Stephenson with his geeky readership like Chris Applegate (and me) then the publishing industry is going to struggle

The Web of Intent is Coming (Sooner Than You Think) « – a lot of the web of intent is already here with social search like delicious and before that the curation of directories like Yahoo! or even LinkedIn which is curated by community and context, I guess you could even consider the links of the day I publish here ‘web of intent’ since its curated and you kind of know what you are getting if you are a regular reader. It just goes to show that Carol Bartz is a liar, liar, pants on fire kind of gal with her ‘Yahoo! is not a search company‘ spiel. Dumb, dumb, dumb

Evolving convenience stores | The Japan Times Online – I couldn’t imagine APAC without 7-Eleven and Lawson yet they have only been in Asia for just over 25 years and come to be a key player. Yah! for slush puppies

Most Young Japanese Workers Need Help From Their Parents to Pay The Bills – Bloomberg – economic sluggishness is exasperating consumption problems in the economy and delays young people forming families so screwing with the population skew as well

Glass ceiling has not budged for many of Japan’s working women | The Japan Times Online – its as much about education and economic conditions as gender. Similar in nature to the social inequality found in the developed world

A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights – research and insight data from Facebook, this is going to be essential as Google Analytics

More Thoughts On Demand: A Referendum of Sorts on Google and Social – John Battelle’s Searchblog – Battelle on Demand Media

UK consumers waste £700m a year on high-speed broadband – O2 – interesting spin on the research by O2, it claims that consumers are paying for broadband speeds that they don’t need: consumers typically pay for up to 20MBs whereas O2 thinks that they need 8MBs. However it misses the real elephant in the room, that the UK telecoms intrastructure seldom provides consumers with anything like the speeds of up to 20MBs in the first place. 21CN is a train wreck and Digital Britain is a sick joke.

RIM threatened with shutdown in Indonesia over content – apparently Indonesians could use the Backberry devices to get pr0n

German court rules against YouTube over copyright – San Jose Mercury News – it will be interesting to see how this plays out on appeal

Texas Asks Whether Google Violates Search Neutrality – – this could be a really bad mistake for the state of Texas and web users around the world. It would be interesting to see if this is part of Microsoft’s ongoing lobbying efforts against Google

Religious Outlier – – looking at GDP versus religion the US looks like an excessively religious fundamentalist state. However muslim countries win out in terms of being absolute religious in nature

Gov’t to introduce cloud computing, cut info system costs › Japan Today – looking to save 195 billion Yen a year by 2020