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Barbara Nixon 101 on WordPress(.com) blogging – this presentation made me chuckle if only for the reference on slide four: “Avoid changing colours from the default – makes your blog look MySpacey” which I take to be politically correct teacher-speak for don’t be a tasteless cretin. MySpacey is a phrase I shall now apply liberally to anything that lacks taste or quality

Public Relationships: How not to win a PR award – some common sense advice from Jeremy Wo0lf

How the BBC crowdsourced the Tube strike | The Wall Blog – interesting that they used Kenyan open source project Ushahdi

Digital Engagement in the Public Sector | Econsultancy – state of social media in use by the UK government

Acid flashbacks and Pacman as latest Google logo innovates with HTML5 | The Wall Blog – is it me or is it reminiscent of the early Flash demos | interactive art that appeared in the mid-90s. Puzzled but not particularly excited

Rumor: RIM Bought App Maker DataViz « – this could nuke both Mac and iOS business | productivity users as DataViz was a mainstay utility software developer on these platforms

Tokyo Girls Collection 2010 A/W – JAPAN Style – Japan Style reports on the autumn | winter show of the Tokyo Girls Collection. Over 30,000 women in a stadium where models (just like them) show wares that they can order using their mobile phone in real-time. Those that can’t make it, watch the show online and can order via the website. . A bit of entertainment and show business is thrown in as well. It cirumvents the complex retail distribution channels that are prevalent in Japan. TGC will be run in Beijing next year as well. Here is a post that I wrote in more depth about the TGC phenomenon and two more posts about brand extensions to the TGC formula

RTÉ News: Sponsorship ban by drink companies considered – it is interesting that Ireland is prepared to go this far to try and curb drinking as a public health issue

China’s Mofcom To Regulate Internet Sales Of Foreign Enterprises – – interesting that foreign companies are being regulated specifically, is this different to Chinese companies?

The Basics On China Pharma – China Law Blog – pharmaceuticals industry | healthcare information / Technology – Google warned on China plans – interesting take on the challenges that western companies face.