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Study: Location-Based Services Users are Passionate but Niche – still early adopter territory

Yahoo Had Instant Search In 2005 & Dropped It; Bing Kind Of Has It Now – a couple interesting things from this searchengineland article. Google Instant shouldn’t be that hard to replicate from a code point-of-view the key challenge is in the infrastructure. Expect Bing to duplicate soon, expect it to be expensive for them or problematic due to Windows not handling multithreading as well as a well set-up Linux distribution (such as Debian)

Yahoo Developed an Instant Search Interface in 2005 – I tried demo-ing this in the Ruder Finn office but it has been taken off Yahoo! Search site alltheweb again

Android Is As Open As The Clenched Fist I’d Like To Punch The Carriers With – USP screwed by mobile service providers, probably explains why Google tried to go direct with the NexusOne

History Of Facebook Controversies – handy reference

Ecofreek – freecycling metasearch engine

Own Your Space: Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online – Microsoft ebook on cyber-security. Matrix meets anime cover, with ok if a little dry content. Obviously told with an MS-spin, probably came out of the trustworthy computing initative

Bronte Capital: Microsoft laid bare – interesting take on mobile

Google antitrust probe: Is Microsoft the puppetmaster? – Microsoft involved in pushing antitrust cases against Google, surely not?

Moving Wallpaper Dentsu London Moving Wallpaper – love it!

Why Tech Stock Valuations Have Dropped To A 2 Decade Low – – interesting analysis over at Barrons, accounting transparency and factoring in negative impact of global competition stuck out in particular. It also begs the question of why a leveraged buyout hasn’t been attempted successfully yet?

Thoughts on Google Instant – how it relates to SEO efforts moving forwards, and here is a viewpoint from search agency experts Google Instant: the search experts’ view | Econsultancy

Mainlanders head full speed into the digital age | – total digital revenues for the publishing industry were 79.94 billion yuan (HK$91.31 billion) and exceeded book publishing for the first time, according to figures released by the General Administration of Press and Publication (Gapp) in July. (registration required)

Display tech the magic pill for Qualcomm – likely to reshape device designs

Kurrently – A real-time search engine for Facebook and Twitter. – impressed by this not the visual interface like Google Realtime but a good back-up to Socialmention

Government’s Idea of Innovation? A Crowdsourcing Website | Fast Company

Asiajin » Which Twitter Clients Is Japan Using? Here Are The Top 20. – many are homegrown

The Next Nintendo Console Will “Leave You All With Your Mouth Open”

Rado taps into Malaysia’s artistic side | – interesting simple to execute campaign

Lies, damned lies and statistics » Blog Archive » The Fading Glory of the Television and Telephone? – Dirk Singer sifting through the data from Ofcom and Pew Internet

HP files civil complaint against former CEO Hurd « Boy Genius Report – there will be embarrassment. Expect HP’s business performance to be blunted as they are distracted in this legal battle

Google’s Schmidt: Autonomous, Fast Search Is ‘Our New Definition’ | mocoNews – really digging deep to better understand user intent

ABC/Bloomberg, CBS/CNN? | Benton Foundation – possible consolidation in the US news networks

President Obama: New infrastructure will benefit the spread of high-speed Internet | Benton Foundation – information superhighway mark II

Freeconomics’ last hurrah – selling items that don’t exist – broadstuff – big business Cyworld, Zynga etc

Japan Supermarkets Launch Original Fashion Brands – interesting what JUSCO are up to in the face of competition from Uniqlo et al

Japan’s Futuristic Vending Machines Are Thirsty (for You) – love the man machine interface on this Japanese vending machine