I like: Hiroshi Fujiwara

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Bob Cringely wrote in his book Accidental Empires: How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make Their Millions, Battle Foreign Competition, and Still Can’t Get a Date how he kept bumping into the same 48 people doing all the important stuff in Silicon Valley. That statement kind of reminds me of  Fujiwara-san: the right place at the right time, always moving things along.

Apparently Fujiwara-san had arrived in London to blag his way into the fashion industry and was told that New York was where it was at. He went back to Tokyo with a box load of hip-hop records.

Then he was the prime mover behind Major Force, a Japanese hip-hop crew and label who got props from the likes of DJ Red Alert. Bomb The Bass’ Tim Simenon credits Hiroshi Fujiwara on the Enter the Dragon album which came out in 1988; if you listen to the beats it is all about Major Force. The debut single from that album Beat Dis brought hip-hop and house into the limelight, giving acid house its smiley iconography (though Bomb the Bass used it as a nod to Moore & Gibbons Watchmen series of comics).

Fujiwara-san moved from music into fashion with his Good Enough, probably taking his inspiration from friend Shawn Stüssy. Later he went on to form Fragment Design which focuses on collaborations from a diverse range of sources including Nike, Eric Clapton and Levi’s. Fujiwara stepped online with his founding influential Japanese online style magazine Honeyee with blogs from the great and the good like Pharrell Williams and KAWS.