Apple over the past decade

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Watching Steve Jobs presentation at Macworld 2001 is an interesting reflection on how technology has changed over the past decade. The third age of the digital lifestyle. The Mac as a digital hub is interesting, many are now discounting it – instead thinking that devices will all link to the cloud, but the argument that bigger screens provide better UIs is still true, particularly where you have content creation.

Secondly, network infrastructure isn’t up to snuff for true ubiquitous cloud computing and network infrastructure companies are trying to claw back pricing value on bits. Solid state mass storage is still too expensive to fully realise the vision of content rich cloud appliances on the kind of network infrastructure many currently have and are likely to have for the foreseeable future – particularly in the western hemisphere – you only have to look at the chaos of ‘Digital Britain‘. The PC isn’t dying its evolving, it may look very different.