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Schmidt: Listing Google’s 200 Ranking Factors Would Reveal Business Secrets – I agree with Schmidt on this one

Are We Less Than 5 Years Away From Quantum Computing? – that would give computing the speed bump it currently needs, hopefully we can then move processor fabs to dropping the price of solid state drives

Getting ahead on LinkedIn – and building your personal reputation | Wadds’ PR Blog – if you don’t use LinkedIn get on this presentation

Mobiles Of The Future To Hold Three SIM Cards – now if you could get it to do least cost routing on the fly as well this would be really cool for consumer and business users

Microsoft Must Make Its Own Phone If Wants To Make Money – interesting piece of analysis from Business Insider

RIM Won’t Disclose How Many BlackBerry Subscribers It Has Anymore – because not all subscribers are created equal, comparisons to Android would appear unfavourable on the surface

Apple iAd — A Summary for Search Marketers – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Wind Tunnel Marketing (in today’s Campaign) « BBH Labs – homogeneity in ad creative and ideas on how to combat it

iPad has halved laptop sales, claims Best Buy CEO — Engadget – interesting cannibalisation taking place

A VC: Social Layers and Social Intention – allignment with consumer intent breeds success

MIT: We’ve Got Plenty of Uranium | Fast Company – nuclear power not the washout environment naysayers think

RTÉ Business: Airlines in need of pilots/engineers – Boeing – biggest requirement in Asia particularly China. As the economy goes, so goes aviation

Apple (United Kingdom) – Web apps –  Apple’s recommended web apps should work on other mobile browsers too

Lorem Ipsum – All the facts – Lipsum generator – really handy for designers and wire frames

DOCOMO Achieves No.1 Ranking in Business Customer Satisfaction with Mobile Phone and PHS Services | NTT DOCOMO Global – interesting that DOCOMO managed to weather customer satisfaction in top place without the advantage of the iPhone

Yahoo’s Internal Three Year Plan: 1 Billion Users And $10 Billion In Revenue – what I am not seeing is the how, there needs to be a game-changer in the product roadmap

E7 vs E90: Evaluating the new and old Communicators – this is pretty damning, I had high expectations of the E90 replacement. I really dislike the four-row keyboard which Nokia rolled out with the N97 and has on the E7, the smaller screen size and the shoddy battery life

I, Cringely » It’s a Sony – Sony getting called out over service levels.

Love Ideas ♥ HK – really interesting programme by the Li Ka Shing Foundation to help improve life in Hong Kong

New Media Knowledge – UK tech brands failing to be social on social networks, report finds – that’s because the business of technology doesn’t use that much of the technology of business. Often its about real-world personal relationships in B2B settings and traditional retail channels in consumer settings.

Mophie juice pack air™ – iPhone 4 rechargeable backup battery case – the iPhone 4 just became useful

THE MICROSOFT INVESTOR: Microsoft Still Struggling In Search, Mobile And Otherwise

Posies Cafe » Groupon in Retrospect – this is interesting and if it gets enough publicity could be kryptonite to Groupon unless they revisit their processes

Nokia Is the McDonald’s of Phones – provocative title but interesting analysis of Nokia, food for thought

Denso Grants QR Code Patent Rights to LogoQ – this is an interesting move. Denso is a subsiduary of Toyota and originally invented the QR code for industrial purposes. Expect more creative uses for QR codes soon

Yahoo Has No Plans To Sell Alibaba Stake, CEO Bartz Says – Tech Trader Daily – – Bartz is about to get her ass kicked, if the Chinese want to sell it will happen

China’s Publishes First Microblog White Paper – – 100 million Chinese micro-bloggers by 2011

Yahoo unveils three-year plan to become cool again | VentureBeat – oh Lordy, this is embarrassing

What China’s Millionaires Are Buying – Forbes – interesting that art and antiques are used as a portable hedge against a revaluation of the RMB at a lower than current price.

Penn State’s Geospatial Revolution Project: Where Are We, and How Did We Get Here? | Fast Company

Hunch Blog | Hunch launches Partner Platform for personalization; 7 inaugural partners represent 250 million+ monthly unique visitors – glad to see the Hunch team doing well, I think that they are doing something transformational in social search

Schmidt: We’ll pull Facebook’s data by hook or by crook – Fortune – not terribly surprising except for the rhetoric

Apple Continued To Lose U.S. Marketshare Despite Spike From iPhone 4 Sales | mocoNews

77PR: 25 brands that use Twitter really well