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The Power And Perils Of Participation « BBH Labs – more on this later, I have something brewing thought-wise

4chan Attack Brings Down MPAA Website – hmm aren’t these the kind of young people that the MPAA want as customers. And they hate you.

Intel wants to charge $50 to unlock stuff your CPU can already do — Engadget – Intel about to wind up consumers. The secondary interesting thing about this is does Intel have a better fab process than AMD. AMD and other makers usually lock hardware to prevent access to damaged cores or memory, thus allowing more silicon to be used than would otherwise be the case

UPS starts faster ocean freight service from Japan to U.S. › Japan Today – interesting that UPS is trying to use shipping to lower costs and better compete with air freight at the bottom end of the market. What is interesting however is how they have managed to save days of time on shipping? No apparent explanation in the article

Smoking scenes on the decline in movies › Japan Today – thought that this had been on decline for decades but apparently it had peaked in 2005?

Girls using paid changing booths to dress up in Harajuku style › Japan Today – interesting business idea, just how much could Top Shop on Oxford Street make if they did it?

Hong Kong FastFacts – love the old school vibe of the site, some good content on it and the site design takes me back to Geocities and AOL’s MyTown

Chinese Cricket Club – Crowne Plaza restaurant – great restaurant in Blackfriars

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners : News : GSP, Sprint Dress Up Apple’s iPad – advertising agency gets involved in product design for Sprint 4G mifi unit

Global Liquor Makers Fight Graphic Labels in Thailand – – I didn’t realise the pioneering role that Thailand has played in public safety

Dentsu attempts digital landgrab with AKQA bid – Brand Republic News – the marketing singularity rumbles on

Is the iPad a Notebook Killer? | Fast Company – Morgan Stanley research data supports Best Buy claims on iPad sales, I suspect this is at the low end where laptops would have just been used for content consumption like web surfing anyway. It is less likely to affect higher end PC sales where Apple’s Mac business is focused

A Tale of Two Boomer Campaigns – | – basic targeting isn’t enough, insights required. Lessons for any campaign and any age group