Oprah Time: Baked In: Creating Products and Businesses That Market Themselves by Alex Bogusky and John Winsor

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Baked In is different to many business and marketing books. It is written by a successful advertising creative Alex Bogusky ex-Crispin Porter + Bogusky who is an effective communicator rather than a business academic. The book is filled with anecdotes rather than quantitative research but that doesn’t mean that the concepts or messages within the book are lightweight.

On the contrary they bring a message that businesses have lost over the years – that the intrinsic nature of a product, service or delivery process is key to the marketing of that product.

The product is the marketing

This means that marketing a product can’t be done on spin or advertising smoke and mirrors but has to back to essential truth. As an a senior executive of advertising agency Bogusky worked across a surprisingly wide part of his clients business from customer service to product and process design.