Links of the day

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Focus on… Switzerland | PR Weekbrands that have sustained themselves through the financial crisis most successfully are luxury watch brand Rolex, Swiss supermarket chain Migros, Swiss Airlines and Nestle.

TelecomTV | Council of Europe proposes global “Internet Treaty” – net neutrality, freedom of speech etc

words to strategize by / what consumes me, bud caddell – nice collection of advice

10 Free Tools to Identify Online Influencers | Edelman Digital – always interesting to see what other people like

How Google Saved $100 Million By Launching Google Instant – mostly on an ad campaign like Microsoft would have done

The Guardian’s News Feed plugin for WordPress | Open Platform | – value of attribution – similar to flickr model

PR Firms May Not Win Social Media Business – some good stuff here.

Flash Defeats HTML5 in Round One by a Knockout | Fast Company – HTML5 didn’t perform as well apparently

The Yahoo-Microsoft Deal Is About To Wreak Havoc In The Search Ad Market – market volatility better divert all your spend into Google for a month

Michael Geist – ECIS on ACTA – IBM, Oracle, Nokia concerned over ACTA

5 Things About the Internet (in Australia) – even more Facebook-addicted than the UK

Apple acquires face-recognition firm Polar Rose | VentureBeat

Social Media Release: Evolution – interesting take on the evolution of the social media news release

Freddie Laker Talks Hyper-Relevant Social Media Marketing | msearchgroove – some good food for thought here, particularly regards Facebook

Copyright Trolls, Not Just for Patents Anymore | TorrentFreak – interesting article on the copyright equivalent of patent trolls

Another Nokia Exec Out: UK Head Jumps To Pace As President | paidContent – this is to be expected, what I found interesting was Pace as his destination

PharmaLive: Electronic Marketing – no RSS feed, but well worth checking in on a regular basis

Japan Surrenders – The Atlantic – interesting though very American focused article on changes in Japanese society over the past three decades

Public Relationships: Social media in Asia – the journey of a thousand miles worth checking out

RTÉ Business: Faster internet ‘key to EU growth’ – EU trying to move that forward, though I think that they have their work cut out

TelecomTV | Anssi’s answer to Nokia: “So long, and thanks for all the fish.” – more interesting Nokia analysis, not sure they are right, but I like the facts marshalled

Liberal Democrat Conference: tax cheats to face lie detector test in £1bn clawback – Telegraph – the science behind this is dubious to say the least

Linky Tools – Formerly MckLinky – By Brent Riggs – tools needed to run a blog hop

Nokia’s problem – QuirksBlog – interesting thoughts on Nokia

Official Google Research Blog: Frowns, Sighs, and Advanced Queries — How does search behavior change as search becomes more difficult? – Big Brother is watching you

N900 plug-in for OSX iSync – makes Nokia N900 into a a viable option

Communities Dominate Brands: Welcome Stephen Elop to Best Job in High Tech: New CEO for Nokia – Tomi on Elop’s new role at Nokia