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nginx – alternative to Apache, apparently better for heavily loaded sites

Anorak News » Paul Chambers And The Twitter Police: Freedom Of Expression Under Attack – we have cases like this and then the government tries to point fingers at countries like China regarding censorship? It beggars belief and common sense. It makes the west look stupid and tells Islamic extremists that they have won because they have the government apparatus on the run

ACS:Law Anti-Piracy Law Firm Torn Apart By Leaked Emails | TorrentFreak – interesting that 4Chan turned on ACS: Law and interesting allegations coming out about the internal business workings at the company and its owner Andrew Crossley

More Options for Importing Files into Google Spreadsheets

Google and Apple Extend Search Deal for iOS | Search Engine Journal – so no Bing deal then

Google Releases Updated Keyword Tool, Explains New Volume Counts – it will be interesting to see how it compares to the old version

Asiajin » Yahoo! Mobage In Abeyance By User Account TroubleDeNA‘s Mobage Town is a mobile gaming, m-commerce and mobile social network popular in Japan with over 11 million users. Yahoo! Japan is a popular Japanese web destination and their auctions are comparable to eBay or TaoBao elsewhere. This security issue is serious

Which global brands do well in Korea and which do not. And Android? | TechnoKimchi – really interesting article about how global brands are ‘used’ in Korea

Yahoo: Is Carol Bartz in the process of being replaced? – Quora – insightful answer. Possibly yes as part of a process to take Yahoo! private. The critique of Bartz is telling:

  • She has not articulated a coherent product or vision for the company
  • She wasted over $120M on an ad campaign (no material impact on any user engagement metric)
  • She promoted executives like Hillary Schneider after failing miserably with APT (Yahoo ad exchange system).
  • Yahoo left between $500M to $1B of value on the table as part of the search agreement with Microsoft (Carol made Hillary the POC for the Yahoo deal team – lets just say that Microsoft had their way with the Yahoo deal team)
  • She used odd (my gentle way of saying they didn’t work) PR tactics to recast Yahoo in the tech and business community

Brain scan: The virtual curmudgeon | The Economist – interesting take on social media, increasingly valid as a community scales – thanks to my former colleague Ana Mangahas for this

Pharmaceutical Social Media E-Book by SHIFT Communications – Free Download – interesting stuff from Todd Defren & Co.

Technology Review: Blogs: Mims’s Bits: The Death of the Book has Been Greatly Exaggerated – geeks not letting the truth get in the way of a good story

MediaShift . A Guide to Rising Public Media Networks in the U.S. | PBS – interesting the way public media is structuring itself in the US to take advantage of new technologies

Leaving Microsoft | Artificial ignorance – interesting post by Anand Iyer. In an age of technology where location is no longer important, why do the savviest of companies lose people by insisting on a meat-space geographic location for people to participate fully and gain the full benefit of their careers? Retarded.

Riding Asia’s digital tiger – McKinsey Quarterly – interesting comparison between Malaysia, India and China