Links of the day

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Hearst CEO: Bullish on Tablets, Not on Paywalls – I guess Murdoch won’t get a unitied media front then

Welcome Windows Live Spaces Bloggers — – interesting move, Spaces blogging platform sucked.

Meshin brings semantic smarts to organizing your email (video) | VentureBeat

Licorize – for the web worker tribe – a kind of mix between Huddle and delicious

Score One For Tech Workers: 6 Firms In Pact On Hiring Practices – – not that this would ever happen in the creative industries…

Six Reasons Why I’m Not On Facebook, By Wired UK’s Editor | – it all goes back to the don’t write, do or say anything you wouldn’t want to see in the following day’s newspaper as we used to tell spokespeople getting media trained when I start off in PR. The key difference is that you are that newspaper publisher. I find the capacity for reinvention aspect very interesting however.