Links of the day

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Tweetbeat Launches for Following Events Without Hashtags | WebProNews

MediaShift . Will France Sacrifice Online Freedom for the Sake of Security? | PBS – societal norming on the internet has ethical challenges on both sides

Mirror Group Digital Chief Leaving To Head New Perform Business | paidContent – a loss for Mirror Group, Matt is a smart guy

Oak Pacific To Integrate Two Chinese Social Media Websites – – I wonder what they mean by integrate and how will it affect user experience. How easy will it really be?

The strange but inevitable rise of pornography for the Amazon Kindle. – Slate Magazine – here we go again

Kodak Porta 400 Film Made Exclusively for Scanning — Not Printing – Kodak still finding a demand for film, rather like the Impossible Project

Super Hi-Vision Footage Sent Over the Internet from U.K. to Japan – NHK pioneered high-definition back in the day as well. Watch this space

Facebook’s Rolling Out High-Resolution Photo Sharing – the high resolution is a pain, but it isn’t the main reason why I don’t use facebook for photos

Asiajin » Facebook Japan And Recruit Launch Job Service For College Grads – interesting move to trump LInkedIn

Photos: 50+ years of Japanese concept cars ::: Pink Tentacle – too cool

GoNintendo – Capcom – consoles going all digital will ‘never happen’

Panasonic Makes Mysterious “Lumix Phone” Pre-Announcement – could this be a worldwide phone given there is a lot of English on the teaser site and will it be a Nokia N8 killer?

Schneier on Security: Wiretapping the Internet – really smart thought-provoking stuff on security

A truer picture of China’s export machine – McKinsey Quarterly – exports a smaller part of China’s growth than generally thought

Digital Embassies: A Blueprint For Community Engagement | Edelman Digital – interesting insight into Edelman’s approach

Journalism in the Age of Data: A Film | Brain Pickings

Barry Diller: Has No Value Inside Of IAC

With LinkedIn Signal, Twitter And LinkedIn Collide

Eric Schmidt of Google: Life is an augmented reality – I think that he has this a bit ass about tip. Surely internet services are an extension of real-life?

Instant geek beats. 909 Drum Machine in HTML5. – pure awesomeness

Twitter’s Impact On News Traffic Is Tiny | paidContent:UK – the big story here is the 98.5 per cent other section. I manage to get 10 – 20 per cent of my blog traffic through Twitter depending on the day

Scheduled Tweets break social norms (says network) | Wadds’ PR Blog – in my conversation with Wadds he had differentiated between syndication of content (putting your blog’s RSS feed through Twitter) and services like Postling

Yahoo In Disarray: Schneider, Ko, Pitaro All Reportedly Leaving | mocoNews – in the words of Led Zeppelin the song remains the same

Marketing, Eat, Play, Live | – Interesting game by Ser Young Puah

QR Codes Translate Bilingual Magazine – a really great idea, but could also be used for ‘scalable’ print publications

Profiling in public relations « Heather Yaxley

Richard Edelman – 6 A.M.: Brazil – interesting overview of Brazil

welcome to optimism: post-digital or die! – digital just is

Apple TV 2nd Generation Teardown – iFixit – iFixit have done a great job yet again at revealing the inner secrets of the Apple TV

The Case for Using Social Media – BusinessWeek

How to Play Any Media File in iTunes

Tactile Navigation Lets You Feel GPS Directions – haptics in navigation

augmented reality app lets women try on swimsuits virtually on [Technabob] – smart use of augmented reality

Social Networking Watch: Reid Hoffman Says One Social Network Is Not Enough – need networks for different contexts

Social Networking Watch: Foursquare Passes 3m Users

Naver wants to become Korea’s Google + Apple + Facebook + AOL + … | TechnoKimchi – and it could do it too

The Latest Global Social Media Trends May Surprise You | Forrester Blogs – reaching market maturity in the US?