I like: Moleskine iPad cover

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I am personally not a great fan of the iPad. Its a great piece of engineering but I need the keyboard of a laptop; however friends such as Ian Jindal use one for conference presentations and note-taking, Liu Yumei is a big fan for content consumption and putting down initial ideas. My position may change and I may view the iPad as an extension of my Mac  experience (like a Wacom graphics tablet on crack) with some of the new applications that Omni Software are developing for project management, site-maps and wire-frames.
Moleskine going digital
With this in mind I have kept an eye on iPad-related developments. Moleskine have launched some interesting looking cases. I like the way they are sympathetic to Moleskine’s original design. I am a big fan of their squared-paper notebooks for mapping out my thoughts, so if I go iPad one of Moleskines cases maybe on my shopping list.