Links of the day

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The Loyalty, The Missing Treasure in Chinese Social Media | Mobinode – social media market in China

Analysis: The case for content – Arun on branded content. However is it for PR to own?

notes from somewhere bizarre: Hells Angels 1965 – this old shoot by Time | Life magazine reminded me of a Neighborhood clothing look book

The Rise of Location Based SNS in China | China Web 2.0 and Asia Tech News, Open Web Asia – China has a number of Foursquare-like services

Nielsen debuts ‘TV ratings-style’ online ad metrics (Digital Knowledge Centre – Digital Intelligence)

Ten horrifying display ad placements | Econsultancy – some of these are brilliant

The Millennial: A mindset, not an age | The Next Great Generation – smart thinking redefines youth marketing quite rightly as a state-of-mind

Nokia’s MeeGo device chief quits — Engadget – need to watch developments here closely, is it Nokia clearing a blockage or changing direction?

Google’s CEO: ‘The Laws Are Written by Lobbyists’ – The Atlantic – Schmidt suffering from honesty Aspergers

Exclusive: Panasonic Jumps Back Into Gaming With A New Handheld: The Jungle – cloud-based gaming

‘Stasi-style citizen spy game’ website attacked | Irish Examiner – interesting social discourse around Internet Eyes. Part of the norming process about the web and social media

Internet Eyes, CCTV Monitoring – gives a whole new meaning to ‘big society’

Forbes’ New Advertising Pitch: Wanna Buy a Blog? – Advertising Age – Digital – its not sponsorship is a company blog benefiting from the Forbes brand

Vietnam Social Media Landscape info-graphic structure – nice overview, with Yahoo! doing surprisingly well

Doctors Online More Than Ever – eMarketer notices significant increase in physician uptake

German advertisers adapt campaign messages – Warc – interesting advertising is being used for something that PR has a strength in