I like: Seiya Kobayashi’s first watch

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Kobayashi-san is an avid Japanese watch collector, had been a fan of Seiko’s Grand Seiko timepieces since he was a little boy and through the internet had done a lot to promote the art and skill of Japanese watch-makers to a wider audience.
Seiya Kobayashi watch

For a number of years now he has been helping western watch enthusiasts get their hands on rare or Japan-only watches by Seiko, Casio and Orient. So when he came to finally launching his own watch it was a bit of a surprise to find that it was a German-made watch with an ETA movement. ETA is the movement business of the Swatch Group and is a sister company of watchmaker Omega.

The reason why Kobayashi-san has released a European rather than Japanese watch was because the value of the yen is too high.

Regardless Kobayashi’s first watch is a beauty, drawing on a military-inspired design is minimal and understated yet useful. Interestingly the watch is unsigned, giving the design a ‘Muji-like’ effect.  You can get your own Seiya Kobayashi watch here.