Links of the day

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Google TV’s Remote Control Is Awful — Here’s What It SHOULD Look Like – just another plain old media centre PC

Forrester Reports on Cutting Through the Social Media Clutter – the lack of engagement with Facebook is interesting

Facebook Granted Broad Patent Covering Location-Based Social Networks And Checkins – would this honestly hold up due to prior art?

Government plots COI ads on BBC – Brand Republic News – which will wind James Murdoch up even more

Live From Facebook’s Big Announcement – live blog of the revised Facebook Groups launch

Masters of Media » Is micro blogging the future for writers? – interesting idea, but if we think about emails the only literary works I can think of is Matt Beaumont’s e series of books and the FT’s fictional columnist Martin Lukes. Mobile phone literature had more impact in Japan because of the nature of their characters compacts language

Michael Geist – ACTA Ultra-Lite: The U.S. Cave on the Internet Chapter Complete – good update on ACTA

Stained book lovers fight digital era – interesting trend in a Japan, I think this has as much to do with authenticity as a love of analogue

Motorola Contends Apple Infringed Its Patents –

Some of’s Health Advice Will Be From Advertisers – – this was where I thought Hunch and Yahoo! Answers could have done more. Ideal opportunity for branded content as trusted brands are experts in some areas and expertise could help imbue trust in a new brand

How the new Groups could help Facebook battle Google | VentureBeat – new Facebook groups, interestingly Facebook still sees brands being a ‘page’ thing

russell davies: something something something – exploring themes I’d previously heard expressed by Bruce Sterling about the future being dead

Three Rising Consumer Trends In China – Forbes – segmentation of the technology markets to match the growth of the ‘new’ rich

10:10 Splattergate: when greenwashing blows up | Econsultancy

YouTube – No Pressure Richard Curtis Sick Exploding Schoolchildren Climate Fanatic Stunt – NSFW

How to find bloggers relevant to your business | Econsultancy – really nice howto

Liveblog: Facebook’s Joanna Shields: Engaging Audiences through Social Media | MIPBlog – interesting the way its cited as social rather than search, rather than context dependent

The Dream Is Over: Music Labels Have Killed Their Digital Future | paidContent:UK

“Communications gap” hits digital marketing – Warc – between CIOs and CMOs

Mobile internet use increasing in China – Warc – makes sense when you think about the massive growth in mobile penetration

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator – – handy for developers

GE Recruites Social Media Influencers for Adventures in Immortality | Fast Company

Jason Calacanis: Revenge is a new editorial project to rival TechCrunch | – interesting that he is going down an email newsletter route. It potentially cuts social sharing a la Twitter and Facebook as well as social bookmarking off at the knees

Daum is going social, too | TechnoKimchi

Join Forrester’s New Community For Consumer Product Strategists! | Forrester Blogs – free for both Forrester customers and non-customers to join

The real cost of free | – Cory Doctorow in praise of free and dealing with ill-informed critics

Google responds to Oracle’s Android patent lawsuit, we break it down — Engadget – so Google is betting it can over through every count of the Oracle case or it will get skinned alive. I can’t work out if this is confident or foolhardy