Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute

SCVNGR – interesting location based service solves some of the social engineering issues with Foursquare

Focus on: Italy – PR Week – impressive how strong TV is in Italy in terms of advertising spend

iPhone apps now more popular than major TV shows and sports broadcasts | VentureBeat – well some soap operas and sporting events

‘Scrapers’ Dig Deep for Data on the Web – – interesting if sensationalist article on the ethics of online monitoring in the healthcare space, particularly in forums etc

Trent Reznor: Zuckerberg Should Not Be Mentioned In The Same Breath As Steve Jobs – he gets derided here, but Reznor’s observations about Facebook’s design and people’s personas is spot-on

Carriers: Bring on the Mobile OS Wars: Tech News « – interesting take on the plethora of mobile OS at the moment

Digital Evangelist: What would I rather pick up my phone or my keys as I leave my house? – Ian on NFC

WizardRSS Coverts Any Partial RSS Feed to a Full Feed – too awesome

Visualization of Twitter in Singapore – interesting tool JamIQ

Library of Congress: Copyright is killing sound archiving – Boing Boing – especially interesting when you think about how many analogue records were never released as CDs or MP3s, how much content will disappear into the ether due to the law

IKEA Heights – great exercise in guerrilla film making by employees

Twitter Crushing Facebook’s Click-Through Rate: Report | Fast Company – Twitter is better for response driven marketers

DJ Mix Generator by Dj Prince – really nice idea, ideal for programming an iPod party playlist

Welcome to Syd Mead Inc. Mark IV 2010 – visual futurist