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Ex warner music head wants £1 album prices – The Inquirer – interesting that it echoes Apple’s argument that price and accessiblity are key to combating piracy

UK shrugs at broadband speeds – The Inquirer – interesting survey that raises as many questions as it does answers. Is it ignorance or apathy that the consumers are answering from? Is the ‘up to 24Mbits’ broadband marketing campaigns to blame?

Why Microsoft? Ballmer’s reply to underwhelmed college student – Ok once you get past the sub-text that Microsoft is a mature company and a brand that doesn’t excite for these guys, it also showed what happens when a spokesperson doesn’t go down their ABC (answer, bridge, close). Ballmer focuses too much trying to refute each data point until getting there in the end

Inventor of C++ reflects on 25 years of the programming language – my favourite take away from the interview with Bjarne Stroustrup “When done well, software is invisible”

Social Media Monitoring Whitepaper Published « Social Web Thing – a good basic roundup

Ajay Banga, New MasterCard Chief, Wages ‘War on Cash’ – – the big issue is going to be the cost of transaction

Japan, Once Dynamic, Is Disheartened by Decline –

Live From The MIT Media Lab: A Camera Can Look Around Corners and Microdot QR Codes – some interesting stuff here