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Ogilvy Group UK » Blog Archive » OgilvyOne launches “21st Century Guide to Selling” – interesting that it is less of a dirty word to marketers than it used to be

Firesheep In Wolves’ Clothing: Extension Lets You Hack Into Twitter, Facebook Accounts Easily

Parents sue QQ over son’s death – People’s Daily Online – what should internet services obligations be in protecting people from themselves? There have been similar cases on Facebook and forums as well

The Twitter Effect – interesting essay on the social aspects of Facebook v. Twitter

What is Amazon’s approach to product development and product management? – Quora – interesting that ‘PR’ goes right in at the beginning of a product

The Creepy Company Compiling a File on Your Online Activity—Using Your Real Name – why are people surprised by this?

Kanye West’s Epic Hip Hop Opera “Runaway” Debuts on Vevo [VIDEO] – interesting video from a marketing perspective. Hasn’t been restricted by industry (MTV) formats for time.

On Demand Video Encoding – cross-platform video encoding

Murdoch Wakes Up From Dream Of Leading News Industry’s Digital Aggregation | paidContent – progress on the paidnet strategy that News Corp. has been rolling out

Groklaw – Google et al respond to Paul Allen with Motions to Dismiss, Sever – patents so wide that Paul Allen could own the modern internet

@christineptran » Has f-commerce arrived? – Altimeter Group’s Christine Tran on Facebook commerce.

One in three iPad owners has never downloaded a single app – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech – and probably a similar amount have never bought a single app for their home computer. Nine out of ten people hate Red Bull – the point is a large amount of people whether its Red Bull or the iPad are consuming them and they are culturally significant

Lëkki, back to basics – really interesting idea; reinventing simpler appropriate technology

The Weekly Buzz: Tuangou (group purchase) popularity in China | CIC – group buying as popular in China as it has been in the west

All Politics Is Olfactory – – interesting campaign tactic where a political candidate infused flyers with the smell of rubbish tapping into some interesting consumer psychology. Thankfully no one has got smell-a-vision right yet then

Say hello to the world of Canto soap in English | – digital allows a carrier signal for the English subtitles (registration wall)