Oprah Time: Open Leadership by Charlene Li | 图书雷维: Open Leadership – Charlene Li

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Open Leadership is Li’s second book. Two years ago Charlene Li and her former colleague Josh Bernoff published a book called Groundswell, which helped to explain to marketers how social media affected consumers relationships with organisations and brands for marketers. The book became a must-read for marketing directors around the world and helped many of think about how they thought about opening their marketing activity to online.

With Open Leadership, Li’s target audience is the managing director or CEO who wants to get some ideas on how they get their arms the social world putting in place organisational changes to address the social world. Only part of the book is about social media, much of it would ring true to students of modern management theory with themes of transparency, empowerment, bottom – up management  and ‘open’ organisations. All of which as themes pre-dated the social media explosion, but have been further validated by it.

Li continues to write an an accessible, easy-to-read style. If you know your Facebook from your Twitter, this probably won’t tell you anything that you don’t already know, but it will give you a structure to hang all your knowledge on. However it is worthwhile reading if you want to know what ideas the boss is likely to be kicking around next.