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Apps for Good – young people creating social community apps

6 social sharing best practices for driving traffic – – using social media tools for sharing | aiding discovery

Dell: Products & Services | LinkedIn – interesting use of LinkedIn

Powered by Pixels « BBH Labs – good stuff on transmedia thinking

Positioning Matrix: Lifestyle, Pain, Brand, Product, or Features « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing – great marketing post by Jeremiah handy for thinking about client strategies in terms of how they position themselves

axsotic – 3D mouse – really interesting idea, but how ergonomic is it to use?

It’s Time To Bury The Marketing Funnel | Forrester Blogs – the directionality doesn’t represent the feedback loop of the relationship

Anorak News » Illegal Holborn Rave Was A Smokers’ Revolution And Against State Control – sometimes satire sites come up with the most sensible article.

Twitter Is Now Worth About As Much As The New York Times – is Twitter really worth 1.6 billion USD?

Q&A: Mark Squires, Director of Social Media at Nokia | Econsultancy

Yandex Continues To Thrive In Russia – great data points on Yandex

New Media Knowledge – Finding a good story for Google in China will be difficult – good data points on the Chinese search marketplace. Plenty of choice, though Baidu is surging ahead

Intel to fab FPGAs for startup Achronix – interesting move by Intel. They don’t usually do contract fab work

Selling to China’s Luxury Market 101 | Fast Company

Interview: Barry Cupples CEO Omnicom Media Group Asia – Microsoft Advertising Blog – interesting overview of APAC digital advertising trends

Yes, internet bandwidth IS a key driver of economic growth – Trends in the Living Networks – hmmm Digital Britain

GoGadget is new syncing solution for Mac OS X | MacNews – about time they consolidated their product line

Blekko’s SEO Tools: What Information Do They Provide? – worth looking at, wondering if it will flame out like Cuil?

Rob Pegoraro – Google TV isn’t ready for prime time – user experience and TV platform integration issues

740 UK journalists using Twitter | – the important stuff is the FAQ that Stephen puts at the beginning

Microsoft: Our strategy with Silverlight has shifted | ZDNet – morphing into mobile SDK

Brands 50% more popular than celebrities in social media | FreshNetworks blog

Five Best File Encryption Tools – handy for keeping client work confidential

Consumer Psychologist: Flipping AIDA: Why it’s Much More Effective to Start With Action – great stuff on consumer intent

Asiajin » Nikkei Reporting Facebook-Mixi “Alliance” Lets Mixi Stock Up 6% – interesting connection into Mixi

Running Yahoo! Pipes on Google App Engine » Wordloosed – gets around the flakey nature of Yahoo! Pipes

Microsoft Looking Like An End-Stage Company — InformationWeek – surprised that this piece came from InformationWeek. I think that Microsoft will survive

EditMe: Easy Wiki Creation and Collaboration : Business Collaboration News « – interesting alternative to wikispaces

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