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Mark Zuckerberg believes in a future disrupted by “the social experience” – into every vertical was an interesting line. No thought about social context then?

WPP unveils new Facebook ad strategy – Warc News – Warc – Buddy Media central to it

Microsoft Needs To Get its Head Out of the Cloud When it Comes to Disclosure « Business Wire Blog – Microsoft’s move to web financial disclosure for financials sparks self-serving criticism from Business Wire. Some valid points in here, but you have to remember where they are coming from

State of the Blogosphere 2010 Introduction – Technorati – data points from 7,200 bloggers who responded to their survey

Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Mobile Platform – one platform to rule them all, one platform to find them, one platform to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

Virtual Economics: News Corp’s paywall is about News Corp, not the Times – more Times Online analysis

Facebook Holds Mobile Event for Press | AllThingsD – would be funny if it wasn’t so close to the truth

Techno+Culture — Social media gaming stats. Very interesting… – useful stuff for presentations

Kinect visionary talks tech – Page 1 | – the interesting thing is how they have managed to do so much with so few cycles

eFeihu – sells consumer electronics in China and has a cute tiger logo, what’s not to like?

Exclusive Look: Living at Foxconn – interesting photos, there is a surprising amount of colour inside the grey walls of Foxconn!

Social Network Users in China (INFOGRAPHIC) – nice user profiles

Nerd Boyfriend – pretty funny

How to Fix MobileMe Sync When It Inevitably Screws Up

Cool Infographics – Blog – Client Infographic: The Empowered E-Patient – great health 2.0 information

Japan No Longer Home For Panasonic? – WSJ – the flip side of this is will quality slip as they try and out fox the Chinese?

Focus on: Venezuela – PR and Public Relations news – PR Week – 1 per cent internet penetration, 25 per cent of the population have access to the ‘net

Can small PR firms bounce back? – sounds a similar experience to the UK post-dot com boom