Unboxing Lëkki ‘back to basics’ StarTAC | 手机 Lëkki ‘back to basics’ StarTAC

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French design house Lëkki are taking vintage phones and refurbishing them so that they can be used again. The phones are colourised to add a bit of designer appeal. The first model they have released is the Motorola StarTAC. This comes in 900MHZ GSM only. The pictures below are of a yellow one that I received.

I find this downshifting concept fascinating. The first thing I have learned before turning anything on is that Motorola managed to make phones with nicer feeling plastic than some of the modern dual-SIM Samsung feature phones and Apple iPhones that we currently have around the house.  From a tactile point-of-view the StarTAC is more rewarding.

Then there is small design touches like the spare battery sits in a compact cradle with a lock to prevent it being short circuited by the change in my pocket and giving me a nasty burn.

I am sure much of that appeal would disappear as soon as I turn the phone on and am greeted by vintage Motorola software.  This would go further downhill when the contacts in the hinge break at about week 16 of regular usage.