What do you do that is green?

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Murray Newlands has regular interviews on his blog and one question used to stand out to me that he asked was ‘What do you do that is green?’ which is a curious question to be asked on a blog that revolves around affiliate marketing and social media.

Its an interesting question in its own right. What is green? How do you define it? What are the trade-offs that you make? Water quality versus the ozone layer or carbon footprint versus feeding the developing world?

How would I answer that question?

I guess my answer is care in the consumption that I do make.  I want items that I want to keep rather than being throwaway – the items have an intrinsic quality of their own rather than being made down to a cost. I like items that are user serviceable or can be sent back to the manufacturer to be serviced.

How would you answer the question: what do you do that is green?