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Give Us Our Data, Facebook – and people are surprised that Facebook is the great satan of the social web because?

Web users ‘ignore generic photos online’ (Digital Knowledge Centre – Digital Intelligence) – what we all new over-exposed stock pictures don’t work

Barry Diller Surrenders to Googlers Who Dissed Him – a shame as this also nukes Teoma

Why AOL and Yahoo Really Have to Worry about Facebook – Deal Journal – WSJ – in their market eating up all the display advertising business

Health Digital Check-Up: Five Health Trends to Watch in 2011 | Edelman Digital – nice overview of health 2.0 trends

danah boyd | apophenia » Risk Reduction Strategies on Facebook – interesting consumer insights

Digital Pharma: Genzyme’s augmented reality heart | InPharm – interesting use of apparent AR

The EU’s Digital Economy Gets Ready for a Makeover – WSJ.comThe EU has a “copyright system that has done the job for 200 years and been quite successful. But that was when there were separate countries fighting it out on battlefields,” she said. “Once we have a solution for copyright, then it will be easier to attack piracy. If you solve the real problem, then there will be less piracy.”

How Companies Manipulate Negative Reviews: 5 Secrets Consumers Should Know | MintLife Blog – interesting the way content farms are being used and shows the fear of Google as a reputation engine

eBooks Ready To Climb Past $1 Billion | Forrester Blogs

Guest post: Symbian OS – one of the most successful failures in tech historylook after your developers and they will look after you

Keynote themes and templates for interactive prototyping of iPad, iPhone, Android and web applications – also PowerPoint

65% of UK advertising now includes a website address (Digital Knowledge Centre – Digital Intelligence) – surprised that this isn’t higher

Facebook Finds A New Way To Liberate Your Gmail Contact Data – what concerns me most about this is that Facebook is starting exhibit the kind of behaviour that got Microsoft spanked by the antitrust laws in 1999. Expect Yahoo!, AOL and News Corp to the lead the charge rather than Google

Creating value: An interactive tutorial – McKinsey Quarterly – interesting video by McKinsey