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Oracle and Apple Announce OpenJDK Project for Mac OS X – interesting timing given the recent Google | Oracle court case developments

How Baidu Won China – BusinessWeek – interesting take on Baidu, misses out obvious things like the way Baidu built their infrastructure

“How effective is pharma digital marketing?”… “I haven’t a clue!” — Digital Media In Healthcare – low brand monitoring. Part of the problem is that a lot of the key opinion data is behind private networks walls

Three Reasons It’s Back To Square One For UK’s Digital Copyright Strategy | paidContent:UK

Microsoft Sells 40K Windows 7 Phones – TheStreet – not as straightforward as you may think in terms of leaping up and screaming FAIL

How To Build An iPhone App Without Hiring A Developer

Ganttic: Drag-and-Drop Collaborative Scheduling : Business Collaboration News « – looks really handy and the price is alright too

Adobe Flash For Samsung’s Google Tab Is An Embarrassing Disaster – partly explains the very mixed reviews that the Tab has received

News International’s Reputation Is Amongst Those Falling With Ad Buyers | paidContent:UK – interesting study. Microsoft’s reputation has also fallen

Facebook’s Gmail Killer, Project Titan, Is Coming On Monday – Facebook is the new AOL

Heatmap: How News Consumption Differs Across Europe | paidContent – interesting study in media with Scandinavians being the most avid news readers

JACK IS BACK: Twitter Inventor Jack Dorsey Is Working For Twitter Again – interesting move

BRET EASTON ELLIS – Vice Magazine – great interview

Why Publishers Are Tracking The Costco v. Omega Supreme Court Case | paidContent – interesting implications for the media industry and fixed pricing

Integrated Digital Services | Capgemini Worldwide – Delivering consumer centricity for consumer products companies apparently

Hacking the Good days… :: The Social Science behind Social Networking – good collection of smarts in this article

YouTube – California Dreaming – interesting Dutch TV documentary released under a CC license

Chinese Build 15-Story Hotel In Just Six Days, Rest On Seventh – so impressive

The biggest phone makers in the world are falling behind | VentureBeat – disruption at the top and bottom of the market with Android, iPhone and Chinese white-label phone makers

Guess what: Chinese really into Louis Vuitton – Shanghaiist – nice stats on the most desired brands

Kinect’s BOM roughly $56, teardown finds – interesting teardown on Kinect. I am intrigued by the amount of audio processing in it

Make: Online : Meet Meeblip, The Open Source, Hackable Digital Hardware Synth

Motorola slaps Microsoft with a pair of patent infringement lawsuits, says it’s such a shame — Engadget

USA to Soon Trail Developing Countries in R&D, Asia on the Rise: UNESCO Report | Fast Company

Belgian Court recognises CC licences | TechnoLlama

Research: Most Companies Organize in “Hub and Spoke” Formation for Social Business « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing – nice to see that common sense rules

Digital Marketing: A Client’s Perspective « Ed Lee’s Blogging Me Blogging You | @edlee – interesting insights from Shiv Singh of Pepsico (ex-Razorfish)

Looking back at ‘Japan as No. 1’ | The Japan Times Online – still lessons to be learned

Square Trade: Apple, Motorola, HTC make most reliable smartphones | BGR – data maybe skewed by the make-up of Square Trade’s client base (which may not mirror market distribution) but is still interesting

Flickr: An Garda Síochána’s Photostream – An Garda Síochána (literally Guardians of the People) the Irish police are using Twitter as a way to get responses on lost property

Countries See Hazards in Free Flow of Capital – – restrictions being put in place on flow of capital