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IPC blasts Greenpeace for ‘bad’ science – Greenpeace getting called out by the electronics industry

Going Korean – – being Korean sounds suspiciously like being Irish

Focus on: Belgium – PR Week

Domesticated mass market male w/ mate and girlfriend seeks new Facebook | CisionUK – Facebook looks ‘old’

MR Systems – London Apple Dealership – apparently great for Mac repairs

Japan gears up for competition on a different frequency – smartphone strategies dictated market share gains and losses in 2010, DoCoMo hopes LTE will be a USP in 2011

See the Messages that Matter | Facebook – unified messaging.

Met closes down anti-police blog | The Guardian – this sets an interesting precedent. Didn’t seem to be anything in the advice that someone watching CSI wouldn’t know?

AMD will contribute ‘engineering expertise’ to MeeGo development project — Engadget – Interesting that AMD have piled in on this with Intel

Building a Social Media Predictive Model – Search Engine Watch (SEW) – selling through social media

1 in 4 UK consumers use Tripadvisor before they book their holiday | FreshNetworks blog Begins Social Media Deal With MSN China – – interesting move that keeps Microsoft relevant on the Chinese internet

PR Newbies: Tips from Editors on The Sun, Metro, Telegraph and Sunday Mirror: | 72 Point Blog