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Why The Beatles On iTunes Really Isn’t A Big Deal | Forrester Blogs – more about the self actualisation of Steve Jobs. Young people are spending their money on mobile and having real lives. The music industry has lost out

Dan Sheniak from Wieden + Kennedy on the future of the big idea [with 6 cool videos] – Trends in the Living Networks – great stuff here

At Web 2 Summit…Here’s the LiveStream! – John Battelle’s Searchblog

Morgan Stanley – technology research reports – looking through the back catalogue here is like a time machine, interesting data points

Some Stats on Sina Weibo : China Web Radar – phenomenal growth

Will Facebook suffer the same fate as MySpace? | Socialnomics – its about trust

What would Frank do? Quattrone sheds light on the art of M&A | Reuters – increasing M&A competition due to convergence of business interests from major tech players

Asiajin » Japan’s Prime Ministar Begins Blog

YouTube – LivingWithADHD’s Channel – interesting work by Janssen Cilag

“Google Hasn’t Built Anything Interesting In A Half Decade,” Says Fred Wilson – what is this, hate on Google day?

“Google TV Takes An Enormous Step In The Wrong Direction,” Says David Pogue

REVEALED: Google “Hard-Codes” Its Own Links To Appear At The Top Of Search Results

Hacking the Good days… :: Recap of the Internet Giant discussion – great notes on a wide ranging discussion taken by Cathy Ma

DOCOMO and Kogakuin University to Jointly Research Applicability of Mobile Spatial Statistics for Disaster Prevention Planning | Press Center | NTT DOCOMO Global – interesting how aggregate mobile user location data is being used for disaster preparation planning in Tokyo

F.B.I. Seeks Wider Wiretap Law for Web – – so the trick would be to use services not aimed at US consumers to hide in? Either that or it could go for a ‘great firewall’-type solution to only allow US nationals to use US services

EPG Health mobile report – interesting research on the differences between US and EU physician adoption and use of mobile devices (PDF)

Space Store – cool space age stuff

Jeffrey Cole at Ninemsn Digital Marketing Summit on the future of digital media – Trends in the Living Networks

First look: Gravity is making interest graphs of your social content — Scobleizer

SiliconANGLE — Competing Social Platforms Thrive Off Innovation – Mary Meeker Speaks to Web CEOs at Web 2.0 Summit – some great stats in this

Mark Zuckerberg credits games for Facebook’s rapid growth | VentureBeat

Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook’s aggressive social strategy | VentureBeat

Web 2.0 Summit: An Interview With Baidu CEO Robin Li – Tech Trader Daily –

Web 2.0: RIMM Co-CEO Balsillie Says Apps Are A Passing Fad (Updated) – – interesting take on things

Panasonic To Sell Android-Based Smart Phones Outside Japan – – back in the day Panasonic made some nice phones, it will be interesting to see if they can bring that back. However its a shocking market to go into internationally, will they be ready for it?

Hacking the Good days… :: Dear Google, why do you want me to be scared of you?

Stuxnet: A Breakthrough | Symantec Connect – interesting how they refined the application