What’s next? (VII) | 互联网 2011 (VII)

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Social CRM

Thesis 26 of The Cluetrain Manifesto states: Public Relations does not relate to the public. Companies are deeply afraid of their markets. But now it is becoming the case it just isn’t true. Consumers are dictating what the channels are that they want to interact with brands, many of these channel are the same channels that PR has used as well. So we’ve seen more work in concert with customer services function dealing with issues before they needed issues management.

The smartest companies already have CRM set up in social media because it is easy to measure the impact and provides the fastest return on investment (ROI). However as Jeremiah Owyang recently pointed out many businesses haven’t worked out how this will scale over time, so clients need steering on tools and processes. At the moment with clients responding faster on social media they are educating consumers to shout – in effect we have become middle-class parents!

What’s next series of posts
Just media – drop the social
Augmented reality – use sparingly
Community management

Flight to quality content
Location – creative opportunities
Mobile: iPhone… for the time being