What’s next? (VIII) | 互联网 2011 (VIII)

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Over the past 12 months Facebook has become less useful as a below-the-line marketing vehicle. A combination of tightening terms of service, community pages and a poor search experience mean that its harder for consumers to find your Facebook page. Then an additional factor is that users on average engage with just five brands on Facebook. Even if they like your page, they have a low chance of seeing your updates in their Facebook newsfeed as only two posts for every 1,000 received are published on a given users page.

That doesn’t mean that the glass is half-empty however as Facebook gives agencies an opportunity to come up with smart, creative highly targeted above-the-line campaign. It is high measurable and an provide a clear call-to-action. It is no coincidence that Facebook captured 25% of the US display advertising market.

What’s next series of posts
Just media – drop the social
Augmented reality – use sparingly
Community management

Flight to quality content
Location – creative opportunities
Mobile: iPhone… for the time being
Social CRM