What’s next? (X) | 互联网 2011 (X)

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2010 saw Twitter grow as a product and mature as a business as Dick Costolo took over as CEO.  Their evolving site design and business model offers opportunities for agencies, with both above-the-line and below-the-line opportunities. Twitter has established itself as a great platform for brand engagement, even supplanting MySpace for music celebrities online interaction. All of this needs to be tempered by a more cautious view; if adoption patterns amongst mainstream audiences described by IPC Media’s MAGs (mates and girlfriends) research is anything to go by. Where agencies can profit is in areas such as:

  • New backgrounds for the twitter redesign
  • The evolving promoted tweets | advertising model requires media planning
  • Twitter feeds require content
  • Facebook’s increasing dominance in display advertising requires a counterweight in media buying plans and that isn’t likely to come from traditional display advert titans like Yahoo! or Aol

What’s next series of posts
Just media – drop the social
Augmented reality – use sparingly
Community management

Flight to quality content
Location – creative opportunities
Mobile: iPhone… for the time being
Social CRM
Q&A opportunity… maybe