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Facebook and Twitter not making many friends in Japan | RCR Unplugged – developers make more money on Mixi and the mobile | PC integration is better

Coppers want to shut down ‘illegal’ websites- The Inquirer – new Nominet system may be more transparent than previous efforts

EU Parliament backs ACTA with few reservations | Pinsent Masons LLP – a mixed bag here for consumers and businesses

Digital Music in China, It Has To Be Free Lunch | Open Web Asia – disrupted business models

NHS caught sharing users’ health concerns with Facebook (Digital Knowledge Centre – Digital Intelligence) – OMG

Google Maps Will No Longer Support Mapplets

Social media analysis: “we’ll always need humans”, says Metrica boss | Wadds’ PR Blog – to do the stuff that machines find computationally hard, coming from the same direction that social search efforts did. If this is likely to come from anywhere it will be from the machine learning programme at Google and then all the measurement companies will be DOA

Schneier on Security: The DHS is Getting Rid of the Color-Coded Terrorism Alert System – doesn’t work from a consumer behaviour point of view

Judge Bars ‘Fair Use’ Defense in Xbox Modding Trial | – interesting move, this could crush the whole Maker movement

Monocolumn – The Chinese quest for luxury brands [Monocle] – more sophisticated tastes

Asiajin » Japan’s Top Search Keywords in 2010 By Yahoo! Japan

Digital Communities Can Learn From “Leading Clever People” « BBH Labs

Visualized: The rise of China’s inland cities – Shanghaiist – amazing surge in growth

Do Something – Mike Monday’s Blog – Although Mike Monday can sometimes sound a bit like Anthony Robbins this post is right on the money

Branding in the Digital Age: You’re Spending Your Money in All the Wrong Places – Harvard Business Review – importance of loyalty and prior experience

Delicious Founder Schachter Gets Backing For A New Social Startup | paidContent

ChangeWave: Apple headed for “most explosive holiday season in its history” – Fortune – iPad | iPhone halo effect

Have I been penalized..? – If I were a VC, I would be keeping an eye on this site and filtering the invites I get to start-up pitches against it. Why don’t they just man up and admit that they weren’t as successful than they would have liked and stop externalising the blame? Also, beyond having Microsoft as a client is there any reason why B-M are an ICOMP member, have their press releases been unfairly penalised?

Federal Prosecutors: Supply Line Leaks May Constitute Insider Trading – now this is going to get interesting

Asiajin » 30% Japanese Sends E-Mail First To Ask If They Can Make Phone Call – it’s at times like these that I realise I am just an ignorant barbarian

Nokia gets a public image facelift, appoints Jerri DeVard as chief marketing officer | VentureBeat – not sure how I feel about this. I am concerned that he has too much of a North American world-vision. I would make sense if Nokia is going to roll over and be Verizon’s bitch. Which may make Wall Street equity analysts happy, but wouldn’t be great for Nokia, or the rest of the world

My Twitter Fans – does for Twitter interactions what Wordle did for document keyword analysis

Facebook News Feed Settings: Random or Not, Biggest Secrets Revealed – The Daily Beast – facebook puts a premium on long-standing members, if you’ve been stalked or commented on you’re more ‘interesting’, links trump status updates, photos and videos trump links

WANKEN – The Blog of Shelby White » Behind the SwissAir Logo – meant to share this a while ago, thanks to Stephen for the heads up