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The hidden cost of facebook’s messaging system- The Inquirer

Asiajin » Hit List: Japan’s Top 20 Products In 2010 (And 2011) – interesting how environment | energy saving products will be most popular next year

Patentwiki – An Idea Incubator – really interesting ide, I wonder whether it would be hit by prior art legal claims?

BBC – World Tonight: Looking at the world from China – interesting post featuring the opinion of Chinese academics

Automated sentiment analysis? Yes, it is possible. And it’s here: Glide Intelligence « In Front Of Your Nose: An online PR blog – not so sure myself – where is the great leap forward in machine learning? The NLP aspect to it doesn’t inspire confidence. Even if it was based on a giant database of lexeme clusters a la the work of Professor David Crystal at AND and Crystal Semantics I would understand, but from what I’ve heard so far I am skeptical

Who the hell is Ayi Jihu? | China Music Radar – I remember seeing this get hyped a while ago on the Metro newspaper

Gopan Rice-to-Bread Machine: A Huge Hit | Japan Probe – interesting innovation this both flour mill and bakery all in one

Monocolumn – Branding Finland [Monocle] – interesting idea to brand Finland as a way of working out a path for the country in the future