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unknown frequency – Charlie Gower’s podcast featuring an eclectic tast in music. Check it out

Follow The Data – interesting move from Google to LinkedIn.

Skype says UK mobile internet is ‘one of most restrictive in world’ | Technology | – looks like things are bubbling along nicely. Expect big media to start lobbying in the background

Vaizey pressed on net neutrality by internet heavyweights | Technology | – to be honest with you I can’t see this making a lot of difference. The die has been cast, Vaizey wouldn’t have come out unless the government was determined to push this through. It’s retarded, but it will happen

Coach: Will They Use Their Digital Capability In China? « Jing Daily : The Business of Luxury and Culture in China

Luxury Retailers Open Shop on the Chinese Internet – – interesting article on the development of online experiences in the luxury sector, ideal for breaking into tier 2 & 3 cities

How Stores Lead You to Spend – – the psychology that goes into store design has always fascinated me

The Future of TV is community: linking social media with big screens – Trends in the Living Networks – no real surprise with multi-tasking and TV related hashtags on Twitter

Australian government releases Government 2.0 Primer – Trends in the Living Networks – Australia manages to have a repressive internet regime and a forward-thinking attitude to the internet all at the same time. All feels a bit schizophrenic

Cheap smartphones among trends for 2011 – Warc News – Warc – bargain basement smartphones : likely to be from ZTE or Hauwei running Android. 3UK already have cheap android phones on sale

Among the Global top 15 internet companies, three are Chinese. | China Web 2.0 and Asia Tech News, Open Web Asia – Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu

MAD | McCafé is the first brand to use unloqable a new web-service to manage marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook Places – interesting how location, sales promotion and Facebook are integrated

Ten Trends Changing China Over the Next Ten Years – AdAgeChina – Viewpoint

Consumer Confidence Slows in China as Spending Drops – AdAgeChina – Special Report