10 minutes to build your own Nokia mobile app in 10 easy steps

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I was playing around with Nokia’s new Ovi app wizard and took screen shots of the process. It took me about 20 minutes, and would have taken half the time if I wasn’t taking screen shots and trying to find an appropriate set of images to use. It seems to be an ideal way to syndicate content to mobile devices:

Pull in an RSS feed

To start things off you need a website with an RSS feed (like a blog, twitter feed, press room or Posterous account).You can have up to four RSS feeds driving the app.

Use a couple of images and colour palette to make it pretty

You can then give it your own colour scheme, imagery and application icon. Being the vain creature that I am that meant trawling through my Flickr account and took up the bulk of my time.

Tell them who the content belongs to

Tell Nokia who the content belongs to (that should be you or a client that has given you permission to create this application)

Opt in to optional advertising

If you want to Nokia will vend adverts on your app and split the revenue with you (I’d skip it)
Hone market store copy and publisher information

Use your finely honed copyrighting skills sell your application in the Ovi application marketplace (Nokia’s version of the iTunes app store)

Verify your email address

Verify your email address (yawn)

Start app submission process

Get going on the submission process…

Log in

… after you’ve logged back in

Submit app

Submit darn it!

Final once over and submit

Final proof of your application and ship off to the Ovi gnomes in Lapland.

It doesn’t really matter if whether you think Nokia is the great while hope of mobile or an over-the-hill journeyman, for the amount of time it takes to create an application for a client press room or blog it would be criminal not to consider doing this.

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week