Deliciously wrong IV

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I first started buying and taking pictures of children’s cigarette packets back in 2008 and by the third installment hit a bit of dry patch. I guess this is due to the fact that there are less places in the world today where you can be politically incorrect enough to ‘groom’ children to develop a lifelong nicotine habit through the use of learned behaviour mimicry with candy substitutes – is this too much of a nanny state?

However I came across these beauties the other day which I had to share with you, complete with the usual tongue-in-cheek critique. The imagery is a bit better this time as well.
Aerobica play cigarettes
Straight of the Netherlands is Aerobica. Aimed at young girls its packaging conveys the essential message that you can be thin and athletic-looking if you smoke. The chocolate inside looks like a bad attempt at faking cannabis resin.

Round Up play cigarettes

Round Up are made in the Republic of Macedonia for an American importer. The packet is somewhere between the Marlboro Man and the title sequence of an old RKO western. I am not too sure if kids still enjoy playing cowboys so this maybe a niche product for cattle raising states like Texas. You have to love the irony of the name. Roundup is a best-selling weedkiller from Monsanto, and Round Up could help educate kids on consumption of a killer weed? Round Up’s manufacturers haven’t managed to get the same quality of packaging and design as the other packets featured.

Hopefully it won’t be another two years before I add to this series.

Complete set of children’s cigarette packet designs