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wanderingstan» Blog Archive » Facebook acquaintances the new TV stars – interesting that Facebook is used to present a very ‘sanitised’ view of a private public life

Umair Haque | The power of value cycles

Chinese Social Networks Charges Users if They Have Over 1,000 Friends – What?! : China Web 2.0 and Asia Tech News, Open Web Asia – why not?

Mobile Opportunity: What’s really wrong with BlackBerry (and what to do about it) – really interesting business analysis of Research In Motion

techtrader vintage hifi – beautiful looking hifi equipment from this Swiss dealer

Welcome…. – – amazing trip through electronics brands

Warner Bros.’ Newest Consumer Segment: Pirates | paidContent – interesting that Warner is using piracy to gain market insights and better meet customer needs

Asiajin » 9 Out Of 10 Japanese Mobile Users Disinclined For Using Real Name – privacy an important issue

Over Two-Thirds of U.S. Broadband Internet Connections Aren’t Technically Broadband – I know my connection would only scrape into the definition of broadband

University of Glasgow | Glasgow pioneers free Intellectual Property for industry

MPAA, RIAA: Lawsuits won’t protect content | Media Maverick – CNET News – media industry looking for bailouts and government help

Here’s What I Would Include In A Cyberspace Bill Of Rights – yes, but unfortunately at the moment this has as much chance as an honest politician

Groklaw – Google’s Motion to Dismiss Paul Allen’s Patent Infringement Complaint Granted

Logic+Emotion: Six Social Media Trends For 2011

Things To Do In Macau That Aren’t Gambling – Map – Gridskipper

Japan Originals – really nice ideas here