Free Delicious help and the wonder of thoughtful web service design

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When I got in first thing this morning we sat down and thought about how the delicious shut down will impact clients, so with this in mind the following offer went up on the Ruder Finn Dot Com blog:

Ok, so now you have got to the small print! Last night, Yahoo! announced that they were closing down their Delicious social bookmarking service. We really like the service and have relied upon it extensively as a kind of online memory. It just works.

We also realised that many of you like it as much as we do so we thought we would offer help to inhouse people looking to back up their bookmarks and help move them to an alternative system. If you would like to talk about your wider social media needs and how we can help you then so much the better.

Feel free to drop us a line.

Thankfully we were able to do this as the original Delicious team had the foresight to design a service where you could export your data lock, stock and barrel. On the one hand we can lament the demise of a free cloud service and wonder about the impermance of your email account or Facebook friends. But on the flipside, where a service has been designed with complete data portability you then have a true free market for online services which will spur innovation; cloud computing should be celebrated.