The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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In this edition of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly we have groups that have been summed up 2010 for me, vintage options and alternatives to delicious:

The Boys – Garth Ennis takes the superhero comic book genre, turns it inside out and adds a touch of Hollywood Confidential in this series of stories about vain superheroes gone wrong and the group that has to keep them in order.Take That – I used to have a modicum of respect for Take That because of Jason Orange and Howard’s skills as breakdancers. But now that they have become M&S male models and crooners the goodwill has evaporated.

But then they wouldn’t be relying on someone like me to pay their kids school fees anyway.

X-Factor – I just can’t bear to watch these people on TV or listen to their songs.

It just strikes me that a bizarre masochistic streak is needed in the ‘talents’ involved to put themselves forward on the show. My last words on this are that 5,000 audience complaints can’t be wrong.

Vintage hi-fi – Ok so time and technology usually makes things better. But in the case of hi-fi and even home cinema this isn’t necessarily the case.

The rise of digital entertainment has resulted in audio and video formats that are inferior to legacy technologies like vinyl, CD, LazerDisc and DVD.

Secondly, globalisation has meant that the build quality of equipment has gone downhill. Thankfully, a mix of vintage equipment dealers and eBay now allows you to buy exceptionally well-made equipment at a steep discount.

Snap up bargains before the world suddenly realises that convergence isn’t all its cracked up to be.

Vintage eyewear – I like the way hipsters recycle and re-use fashion icons, notably vintage Ray-Ban eyewear. Unfortunately most of them are actually buying new Luxottica-made Ray-Bans rather than the vintage Busch & Lomb equipment which is almost as bad as buying a fake.

The authenticity is lost. But then their flannel shirts are also more likely to come from Muji than a thrift shop

Vintage t-shirts – at Urban Outfitters. The problem with vintage patterns is that the state of the fabric is inconsistent with the state of the transfer on the shirt.

No is getting fooled here its not even close enough to be ironic. Give it up. – When the initial flight from delicious kicked in was one of the main winners. A clean interface and smart features put this out ahead of the rest.

It would be great if there was some mobile integration; such as the ability to bookmark articles from my iPhone but I guess I can mail them in instead

Mister Wong – is a well established social bookmarking site that is free. It has a nice layout, a mobile application and even shows thumbnail images of many sites.

I have found it a bit slow and managed to load my bookmarks two or three times on to the system by accident. Well worth looking at though.

Diigo – ok to be honest with you I just gave up on trying Diigo as it seemed to go horribly wrong. (This may be due to the great Delicious exodus, but it didn’t inspire confidence.