Christmas greetings Hong Kong style

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Donald Tsang is the chief executive and president of the executive council of the Hong Kong government. If Hong Kong were a separate country to the People’s Republic of China he would be a head of state. He has released this Christmas greetings video in association with MC Jin; an American-born Chinese rap artist who used to be on the Ruff Riderz label.

As well as a Christmas message, it is also a political message the ‘Hey Larh’ shout means ‘Act Now’ a political slogan relating to Mr Tsang’s position on electoral reform affecting forthcoming elections in 2012. I’ll hold up my hand at this point and say that I don’t understand the full position as it has been a subject that been up for constant debate and political activity since the early 1980s under British rule. Donald Tsang and his colleagues have adopted social media as a profile-raising political vehicle earlier, and with greater enthusiasm than most of their British counterparts – which is why his Facebook page gets a shout-out.

The ‘bow-tie’ reference is Mr Tsang’s nickname as he is famous for wearing them and being a bit of a dapper don.  There is no way that I could see Mary McAleese getting down with the House of Pain | La Coka Nostra or David Cameron getting down with Blade; but then Hong Kong is a bit unusual that way – you can see a whole issue of style magazine Milk dedicated to 24-hour service at McDonald’s restaurants.