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Beluga: Free, Private Group Mobile Messaging – could be handy for PRs working on conferences | press events etc

Senseihaus – hacks for the SL DZ1200 turntables and DJ tools CDs

MixesDB – The Database for Mixes – a Wikipedia for dance music

Kapok Online Store – Hong Kong shop similar to BEAMS in Japan

B3TA : REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2010 A TO Z (NSFW) – because its too good not to miss and its interesting to see how they get their work into the media – something some PR people could learn from. (NSFW – means not suitable for work; in case any of you lead sheltered lives).

Chinese Microblogs and Government Spin | STRATFOR (pay wall) – interesting analysis of the Chinese government’s strategy of setting up it’s own micro-blogging service. This will put it up against the likes of’s Weibo

Chrome Web Store – Apps, Extensions and Themes – I was looking through this and there seems to be a different approach from Mozilla which augments the browser to using the browser as a kind of proto-OS. From the user PoV a good analogy to Chrome would be X11 windowing on UNIX systems due to the level of abstraction involved / China – China’s growth model ‘unsustainable’ (pay wall) – rising social tensions, choking pollution, a lack of public services and an over-reliance on exports and investment, particularly in real estate cited as challenges to the country’s economic future in China Daily op-ed

Lessons in toymakers’ rise and fall | (pay wall) – hyper-competition is persuading manufacturers to re-examine how they do business and think about where they want to go

What’s on your mind? – Facebook finds that people’s days tend to be best in the morning and then go downhill

OpenBSD code audit uncovers bugs, but no evidence of backdoor

Don Passman’s Website – his book on music industry operates including adaption to new business realities is really interesting

How Wikileaks killed Spain’s anti-P2P law – interesting that it shows the level of power that the entertainment industry has in dictating policy to the US government

Come On, Demand Media, Just Drop The Bogus Accounting – quite a forthright post from Business Insider on Demand Media

Understanding Today’s Skype Outage: Explaining Supernodes – Disruptive Telephony – basic outline of Skype’s technology

Post-80s angst same as in the ’70s, study finds |

Monocolumn – Forecast 2011: The digital backlash begins [Monocle] – interesting article. This is about a cultural backlash rather than governments trying to put the genie back in the bottle

The Blast Shack – Bruce Sterling on Wikileaks. Humanity got in the way of the cyberpunk story playing out before us