Cultural confusion

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Back in 80s and the early 90s there was a time when logos were transformed and parodied. Desktop publishing tools and Photoshop opened up whole new areas of creativity and empowered satirists everywhere.

Stüssy did the linked back-to-back double-S logo as a riff on the iconic Chanel logo, market stalls had ‘adinuff’ t-shirts, Coca-Cola was subverted to promote Cocaine in clubbing circles and no self-respecting vegan was complete without a McMurder t-shirt.

I can’t help but wonder if the creators of this sign got hold of a humourous riff on the Starbucks logo, didn’t understand the full significance but did realise that it was close but not too close to Starbucks and went into business.
I wish I'd paid more attention on reading & 'riting at school
It’s funny but I am sure that there is a lesson in there for us all. Kudos to Shanghaist.