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I, Cringely » And Then Along Comes Larry…. – Cringely on Oracle

California Bill Criminalizing Online Impersonations In Effect Starting Today – expect embarrassing court cases a la the McDonalds McLibel trial in the UK

MediaPost Publications WPP Buys ‘Obama for America’ Agency Blue State Digital 12/31/2010 – not a surprising move given Martin Sorrels focus on digital for the past few years

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » You Can’t Go Home Again – interesting backlash against telecommuting at IBM and other large corporates due to productivity issues

Asia Panel at LeWeb | Top Speakers Sharing Ideas « +8* | Plus Eight Star

Despite Facebook Dominance, Social Networks Grow More Splintered | AllThingsD

BBC – BBC Internet Blog: Interacting with listeners at BBC Audio & Music

thedaringlibrarian – home – some great stuff here

Fresh Networks perspective on the social media measurement | monitoring landscape – I would also recommend Econsultancy’s comprehensive report on social media monitoring and measurement

In China, Social Evenings Are Considered Part of the Business Routine –

A VC: Globalization – Fred Wilson’s take on globalisation.

Intel: Why a 1,000-core chip is feasible | ZDNet UK

The one and only – art collective in Hong Kong

open…: Putin Orders Russian Move to GNU/Linux

Microsoft’s Ballmer falls far down list of CEO ‘wealth creators’ – Microsoft doesn’t have a Ballmer problem. It has a lot of unlocked value and is discounted because of it

HOW TO: Back Up Your Social Media Presence Before the Ball Drops

Paul Allen Refiles Patent Suit Against Google, Facebook, Yahoo & Others – patent troll

More Lawsuits In The Land Of Electronics: Sony Sues LG – potentially interesting move

The Unbearable Inevitability of Being Android, 1995 « counternotions – thought-provoking analysis

The parable of the the PDA: predicting the smartphone’s future | asymco – consumer focus groups fail when a paradigm shift occurs

Socially Awkward Media | AT Kearney – interesting that even marketers that ‘get it’ are struggling with comfort zones

ResourceBlog Article: LA Times: “Bob Stein Wants to Change How People Think About the Book”

Breaking GSM With a $15 Phone … Plus Smarts | Threat Level | – this used to cost more than 30,000 Euros for the relevant kit from security vendors

Welcome to Asia’s Most Comprehensive Social Media Wiki – DIGITAL MEDIA ACROSS ASIA

BlockBuster: Lyme Regis Sues Icahn, Accuses Sabotage – – this could get very interesting. Especially interesting when you think about how his past behaviour with TWA drove the airline well into the red

Shock: Music Industry Tops DMCA Takedown Notices In 2010 – interestingly the movie industry doesn’t seem to be getting in on the act

Why don’t Chinese spend more money? – – because they want to hedge themselves and their families against the risk brought about though a move to state capitalism from socialism. I’d add to this because they aren’t so selfish at an individual level and this money is likely to go into things like family education and health

Huawei, Tencent to Offer HiQQ Phones – China Real Time Report – WSJ – expect similar from Baidu

Hong Kong’s mystery graffiti artist: the Plumber King | – I love this story. My Mum and Dad’s first house had a name, it was called The Island after the farm that my Mum grew up on. The sign was hand-painted by a signwriter at the shipyard where my Dad worked. The gentleman died soon after. I loved that sign because of its purity of purpose, and if his signs had graced motorbike tanks instead of supertankers there may have been a fashion brand in his honour like Von Dutch. Maybe the plumber king can instead?

IBM makes racetrack memory breakthrough, which could come in handy someday — Engadget

The Rise and Fall of Design Within Reach | Fast Company – going mass market from a niche position was a mistake

Just got an iPhone? The best apps, accessories, and tips — Engadget – best bits are at the bottom about moving to a new iPhone

The Death of Japanese MMA? | Japan Probe – American MMA championships are gaining some of Japan’s finest talent as it looks like Japan is over the sport

pixelthis on Etsy – love the way that the shop owner is upcycling magnetic tape reels, turntables, 45s and hard drives into wall clocks

Corsuit Tool Trains Swimmers’ Core Muscles Like a Full Body Suit – interesting product design helps on your swimming form and training

The Evolving Behavior Of Smartphone Owners | Forrester Blogs

Mobile Makers Target Rivals on Phones | Emily Steel and Yukari Iwatani Kane | Voices | AllThingsD – but would I really take ‘insults’ by one of these brands seriously?

100 things to watch in 2011 | JWT Intelligence

The Slow Path To Adulthood – PSFK – sounds surprisingly Gen-X like

Youth Mobile Age | Download the Free 5 Part Series – 50 Ideas to Shape 2011 – mobile and youth marketing trends

Top Tips for New Quora Users

Facebook Passes Yahoo in Unique Visitors | Search Engine Journal

Flicksquare – put your Foursquare check-in pictures on Flickr

ASCII by Jason Scott / Yahoo!locaust“All I can say, looking back, is that when history takes a look at the lives of Jerry Yang and David Filo, this is what it will probably say: Two graduate students, intrigued by a growing wealth of material on the Internet, built a huge fucking lobster trap, absorbed as much of human history and creativity as they could, and destroyed all of it.” A bit harsh on Jerry and David given they have been pushed aside by the board. Substitute one old woman for two grad students and its about right though.

The Unwelcome Return of Platform Dependencies – dark side of web 2.0. And I thought that was Mark Zuckerberg

Royal Pingdom » The most reliable (and unreliable) blogging services on the Web

Income Inequality and the ‘Superstar Effect’ – – interesting stuff here. The challenge is that this hollows out the middle classes which is what separates functional societies from disfunctional ones

Hong Kong’s best and worst of 2010 | – they had me at McDonalds weddings.

2011 will be the year Android explodes – Google 24/7 – Fortune Tech

iPhone 4 gets stuck with NFC ‘sticker’ from Japan’s Softbank — Engadget

Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours – – very detailed report on how the disaster played out. First reaction was that it sounds a lot like Piper Alpha