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Kinect hack shows off simulated skeletal X-ray | Boy Genius Report – now imagine if this was put in a kiosk. Healthcare marketers take note

Seat Belt Camera Straps at the Photojojo Store! – love this

Viinyl – 1 Song. 1 Site. 1 URL. – screwing the record label out of the marketing sandwich.

10 digital predictions for 2011 | Econsultancy

Propogation planning by example

Qualcomm Nears $3.5 Billion Deal for Atheros –

I, Cringely » 2011 prediction #4: Why ISPs are their own worst enemies

E-Commerce Revenues Expected to Jump 13 Percent in 2011, Says J.P. Morgan | AllThingsD

I, Cringely » 2011 prediction #3: 1.8-inch and 3.5-inch disk drives will die – unfortunately SSDs are still too expensive

I, Cringely » B2011 predictions: One word — bufferbloat. Or is that two words? – start of a great set of posts by Bob Cringely

Ie gaaru home girls stay in for lazy cute – and I thought that this was being a slacker?

IBM Files Application to Patent The Patent Process – its own process from training researchers etc

LCD TV revenues to fall – sales up slightly, margins crushed as they sell more into developing world than developed world

The Dave Matthews Band shows how to make money in the music industry. – By Annie Lowrey – Slate Magazine – similar model to the Grateful Dead back in the day