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RapidShare’s Measures Against Piracy Are Sufficient, Court Rules | TorrentFreak

LinkedIn Ads Perform Horribly – interesting, I thought the conversion rates would be better

Q&A with Kit Yarrow, consumer psychologist | JWT Intelligence

BBC News – Thousands of stolen iTunes accounts for sale in China – what’s the betting that this is partly due to the Gawker attack before Christmas?

The Best Way to Use the Last Five Minutes of Your Day – Peter Bregman – Harvard Business Review

PSFK » Starbucks’ New Logo – I know this logo got a hammering but in non-Roman alphabet counties having an icon without words makes a lot of sense

Monocolumn – Forecast 2011: Menswear’s e-commerce success story [Monocle]

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy iPhone case review — Engadget

Microsoft changes course in pursuit of iPad |

HMV to close 60 stores by 2012 | Games Industry | MCV

The Times Goes To The Googleplex To Meet Its Nemesis | paidContent:UK – its funny that this had no awareness until Paid Content published it

How to Break Bad Habits

China’s Strikes Deal to Stream ‘Inception’ – – much more reasonable price points than are charged in the West. 5 Yuan is about the same price as buying a copy of Inception on DVD at a night market in Shenzhen

Tetra Pak: The circle of protection | Ads of the World™ – interesting video by Erasmus

Blogging Forefather Seeks to Re-Invent Blogging, Again

Beatles being paid directly by iTunes in deal | Reuters

Eye-catching CES gadgets, Part 1 – some less well covered but more interesting gadgets here

Analyst: Tablet PC users are conceited – skeptical take on tablets

(mt) Media Temple » Get Your Golden Ticket to VaultPress!