Oprah Time: Digital advertising: past, present and future edited by Daniele Fiandaca & Patrick Burgoyne | 书评

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I decided to read Digital Advertising: past present and future because of the way that online has shaken up the way agencies do work. From a PR point-of-view, we no longer have to interact with the media (be they journalists, analysts or other influentials) but can instead break the communications ‘fourth wall’ and address the audience directly. Social media programmes have free and earned media, but paid media has its place particularly as a campaign accelerator.

The book collates essays by creative directors in a number of digital agencies throughout the world written with varying degrees of seriousness. My personal favourite being the transcript of a seance session with advertising pioneer Bill Bernbach. Did this mean ideas massively away from where social media as ‘an idea’ in the communications industry? No, but part of the problem is that for much of the communications industry its still just an idea, but that’s a discussion that’s best left for another day and another blog post.