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Buick Invites Consumers to its Quest for the Keys: An Experiential Social Media | PRNewswire – interesting take on the treasure hunt idea a la Kit Williams’ Masquerade

MIT Convergence Culture Consortium: Embracing the flow – interesting paper on the future of the media industry

Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans – Tech Talk – CBS News – not government-owned, more driving towards a market for sorting out the web ID management mess that most consumers have

How to Download Any Movie or TV for Free | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD“the best long-term answer is to make media consumption incredibly cheap, and incredibly easy, so that it’s more convenient for mainstream users to get it legally than to go through the pirate sites”

WP publisher: ‘We achieved our goals for ad revenue for the first time in several years’ | Poynter.

UK Government urges Apple to ease iPhone charity donation restrictions – I don’t think that this will move the needle

A Walled Wide Web for Nervous Autocrats – – governments support open source software